About Us

James Laird, co-founder 


Born in Connecticut and raised just outside of Boston, James has been a New England Patriots fan since a neighbourhood block party during the first Bush presidency introduced to him the local team, which was led by a rookie QB in Drew Bledsoe and featured luminaries such as Leonard Russell (HB), Vincent Brisby (WR), and Chris Slade (OLB). The year was 1993, it was shortly after his 8th birthday, and the Patriots went a dismal 5-11 that season -the Buffalo Bills were one of the league’s dominant forces. James went on to enjoy a thoroughly undistinguished American football playing career that was really fun until the other kids started to get big. Fast-forward some 20 years and James has lived in London for the best part of a decade. The local side is now AFC Wimbledon, but James’ love of the gridiron remains undiminished.  A graduate of Goldsmiths College and a journalist by trade, he currently writes about consumer technology for ITProPortal, having previously plied his trade as the Hackney Citizen’s food and drink correspondent and self-indulged in gastronomic rants on his Scavenger Gourmet blog. After iPhones and the Pats, food is James’ other great passion in life and his death row meal would consist of buffalo wings, his mum’s roast chicken, and a box of alphonso mangos. He has a high tolerance for chili-related stupidity, having taken down Newcastle’s infamous Rupali ‘Curry Hell’ challenge and been crowned joint champion of a chili eating competition in Brighton. James’ all-time favourite player is Tedy Bruschi and he enjoys a good Weber BBQ.

Rufus Elliot, co-founder


A relatively recent convert, Rufus has educated himself to the nuances of American football in extraordinarily short amount of time. He is, some would say, dangerously addicted to the sport and knows more about the current state of the NFL that many home-grown fans. Pigskin’s resident design and media guru, Rufus’ previous exploits in the blogosphere include Epic Traveller, which looks totally butters but didn’t used to, and he is currently finishing off a documentary on sharks as part of a separate project. He too has a natural affinity for the ass-burning delights of hot sauce and has been described as “inhumane and dangerous”


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